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  • A Curse so Dark and Lonely

    7th Dec 2019 by

    A Curse so Dark and LonelyBrigid KemmererRating: 5* This book has been all over my twitter for a while with glowing reviews and a recent readalong with the publisher. When I was in Waterstones last week, i decided to buy both this and Scythe with my last gift card. This was a great decision because… Read more

  • So Lucky

    5th Dec 2019 by

    The main message to take away from this book is not to judge people. After all the slogan is Don’t judge a woman by her cover.

  • Scythe

    3rd Dec 2019 by

    I can’t even tell you what draw me to this book. All I can say is it has made it to my list of favourite books.

  • My December Reading Goals

    29th Nov 2019 by

    So it’s the last month of the decade and the year on Sunday. Does anyone have books they want or need to read before December is over?

  • Girls of Paper and Fire

    26th Nov 2019 by

    Girls of Paper and FireNatasha NganRating: 4* I have been meaning to read this book ever since it blew up on my Twitter. Finally, I sat down and read it in one sitting! I even missed the first episode of I’m A Celeb because I didn’t want to put it down. In this world Natasha… Read more

  • Iraq+100

    22nd Nov 2019 by

    This is such a clever concept for a short story collection. Written and translated from 10 different Iraqi writers, this anthology questions what Iraq will look like 100 years after the 2003 invasions.

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